by Habitat for Humanity of Orange County

Every day, hardworking families in Orange County find themselves struggling to keep a decent roof over their heads.  Unpredictable rent increases, overcrowded conditions, and a lack of affordable housing has our local low-income families living with uncertainty, stress and fear.

As the season of spring is upon us and we prepare to start one of our busiest building seasons, we look forward to improving the homes and lives of more hardworking, low-income families in our community.  Building a better Orange County starts with you!

What does it take to build better homes? 

Just as it takes every nail, every board, and every gallon of paint to finish the construction of a Habitat OC home, it also takes every hour of hard work by Habitat OC homeowners and volunteers, and it takes every dollar of support from our generous donors like you to purchase construction materials.

How do better homes strengthen our community?

The health of our community is only as good as the health of the families who live here.  Without the worry of high rental costs, individuals that own a Habitat OC home can invest in eating higher quality foods, receiving adequate health care, and seeking better education and employment opportunities for themselves and their children.  They also have the financial means to purchase goods and services in our community, creating economic stability right here in Orange County.

Better homes and a stronger community starts with you!

Because of your past financial support and the tireless efforts of our dedicated volunteers, more than 219 families in Orange County have found strength, stability and independence living in their Habitat OC homes.  With a generous gift today, you can help us continue to build more homes and change more lives in Orange County! 



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